Wearables, Wk 3: Objects and Their Lives Assignment

What is your anchor?

Hiding in Plain Sight

Describe in 1 paragraph your project.
[note: I realize this is not one paragraph. sry.]

– what are its key qualities
– what does it do? who is it for?
– how does it work?
– what are its REQUIREMENTS?
– what is the INPUT / OUTPUT (see questions above)

The object’s key qualities are that it protects the user by providing a comfortable inner space that blocks light and sound, while the outside is a reflective surface that bounces back sound, light and any people who try to interact with you.

This object protects the user from outside stimuli, creating a safe, private space within which to exist – even in the most public of spaces. This is for the user who craves their own private bubble or the ability to hide from the world while out in the world. This may be the younger person who shares a bedroom, the employee in an open-plan office, a person who has hyper-sensitivity to outside stimuli, the teen who does not want to be harassed.

The piece is worn around the neck, similar to a cowl. It’s accordion folds allow the object to expand and contract. If the user wants to enter their space, they simply pull the fabric up and over their head and up and chin and pulled further down the torso. The wearer can use a drawstring to further enclose themselves. Soft, dark inner fabric and noise-canceling construction makes the user feel like they are apart from the world, while anyone who tries to interact with them will find themselves only confronted with their own image, light in their eyes and their words bounced back at them.

The REQUIREMENTS of the project are:

    that the interior is a dark, comfortable space that blocks out light and sound
    that the exterior is mirror-like, highly reflective
    that the construction/fabric can expand and contract in shape

At the moment, the input is the user’s emotional well-being and sense of comfort – as soon as they start to feel uncomfortable in public [could this be measured by heart rate? or some other bio sensor?] or want to hide, they pull [or does it animate on its own?] the piece up over and around them to block out any sound or light. Not recommended while in motion.

Note: I also updated my moodboard to better reflect my current idea and research.

I also wrote another post that further explores the concept and my thinking around how privacy is a commodity and a radical act: http://www.zoebachman.net/itp/?p=568

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