RWET, Assignment 1

I’d been filing away text ideas all week long. I thought I wanted to work off of a poem, but as I was going through the python exercises I’d thought it would be more interesting to take a longer text and condense to only a few words; just use the raw language and reconfingure it. I guess that’s what the class is, right?

I love space. I thought I wanted to be an astronomer at one point. I was super psyched about the latest news proving Einstein’s theory of relativity.

I was on tumblr and kept seeing this post:

…and I started reading it like a poem.

I realized, I’ve never actually looked at the Theory of Relativity text and got curious. It’s fairly dense but had some interesting words, such as infiniteness and Euclidean. I chose to use Chapter 31: The Possibility of a “Finite” and Yet “Unbounded” Universe, which was quite poetic as it was theoretical.

For my python program I wanted to play with condensing the text in a way that would lead to unexpected contractions and creative possibilities. I recalled the example that pulled and combined the first four characters and the last four characters of a line. I played around with a few variations, settling on 10 characters from the beginning and end. The result was not only a shortened text, but actually the creation of new words in the center. Considering this came out of the discovery of how black holes merge, I thought this result was quite appropriate.

Here’s a selection of some of the lines:

In the firnal space.
Flat beingn a plane.
For them neir plane.
In particution XXIV.
In contras infinite.


It is finino bounds.
It may be space.”
It can be ch other).
An ellipti symmetry.
It followsnceivable.
From amongquivalent.

I like that the words sound almost like a form of Middle English, or Latin.

Doing this process reminded me of the sound glitching I’ve played around with recently, where it’s a question of restraint and simplicity. It feels counterintuitive to write a simple piece of code but have beautiful language emerge. Like more effort should have happened. Or more thought. I feel like I cheated. But I like the result.

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12. February 2016 by zoe.bachman.itp
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