Wearables, Wk 5: First Prototype

Went to mood, got fabric swatches of black fleece, reflective and this lilac mesh I liked. Then I went to PS fabric and got some muslin, silver lamé and black microfleece to experiment with.

Started by playing around with different draping techniques, creating hoods and veils using the muslin.


I moved on to the silver lamé, which was fun to work with and helped me to better visualize a final concept while working through design problems. Played with different ways of creating a hood, openings in the garment, how it’s fitted and how it expands and contracts.






Thinking about overall structure, want to try out three variations:
1. Shirring – using a cord to pull fabric up and down
2. Armature – creating a flexible understructure, similar to a paper lantern that can condense and expand
3. Accordion – a fabric that is folded in a specific way that allows for expansion but has enough memory that it can return to its original shape

Next steps:

  • build another hood prototype, but with a pattern
  • try out armature structure
  • experiment with shirring using muslin
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29. February 2016 by zoe.bachman.itp
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