Wearables, Wk 7: Construction, Cont.

Continuing exploring construction.

I bought a couple of paper lanterns and used their design as inspiration.

I took some of the 20 gauge wire and taped it in a spiral to the muslin mockup.




The effect was more hoop skirt than I like, so I’m trying to figure out a different kind of design that maybe incorporates wires just in the front and back, while leaving the sides hanging.

I also started sewing together the hood based on the tear-down. Putting it back together has proved trickier than I imagined….Even though I took notes and pictures through out the tear down I’m having a difficult time imagining the steps in reverse.


I started by writing down copious notes on the fabric, noting the orientation, seams and folds. This was helpful when sewing because I could easily follow the lines.


I put together inner and outer shells. Now the trick is to figure out how those pieces are sewn together and which seams are still unique. I’m still not entirely sure what order I should proceed in, but I’m going to go with one option and see what happens.


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21. March 2016 by zoe.bachman.itp
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