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Switching gears, Corbinti and I have started working together off of his midterm, HEIST. I was particularly drawn to the story that Corbin uncovered – while I’m already very familiar with the evilness that are banks, this particular connection to gun manufacturing is particularly compelling. I think this is mostly due in part to the work Letitia James is doing to call out banks in relation to mass gun shootings.

(1) Frame the problem (WHY)
Banks, such as TD Bank are funding gun manufactures like Smith and Wesson whose products have been used in recent mass gun shootings such as the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting.

(2) What’s the story / idea
Continuing off of Corbin’s midterm, we are going to continue building out the story/art game. We’re going to include interviews shot with Depth Kit of several stakeholders – policy experts, families affected by gun violence and activists as examples. There will also be an IRL campaign, such as stickers and flyering as a way to bring awareness to this ongoing campaign and the game itself.

(3) Inspiration / References


One of the most interesting uses of game technology, Never Alone was designed by Alaskan elders to pass down their culture. Thin it can be a good reference in education and first-person game design.

(4) Next steps
– Contacting SOS Brooklyn
– Meeting with Letitia Jame’s office
– Writing a storyboard/script
– Coming up with interview questions
– Finding interview participants
– Testing out depth kit
– doing the interview and incorporating them into the game
– Designing a trans-media, street art campaign to coincide with the release of the game (Winter Show)

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05. November 2016 by zoe.bachman.itp
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