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PComp, Wk 7: Midterm

This post is essentially a reconstruction of the notes that I took throughout the development process of our midterm, with some documentation photos/videos thrown in. Our initial idea was to design an experience that used tactile materials, thinking about how … Continue reading

29. October 2015 by zoe.bachman.itp
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Sound and Vid, Wk 2: Sound Assignment

So for our sound assignment, Dana and I went through several ideas before landing on the right fit. We thought about doing recording soon-to-be extinct sounds in New York, either as locations that would one day succumb to rising sea … Continue reading

22. September 2015 by zoe.bachman.itp
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ICM, Wk 2: Jazzy Timez Animation

When I was trying to come up with a piece for this week I had an image in mind of these node-like shapes appearing with the press of the button. Sort of circles, with spindly lines coming out of them. … Continue reading

16. September 2015 by zoe.bachman.itp
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