Pcomp, Wk 2: Questions for Next Class

  • Says that sensors attach to metal pins of a micro-controller, but with arduino we attach sensors to the breadboard – correct?
  • Wait, so what I thought was a microcontroller is a development board and they’re not the same? Re: “You can buy and program microcontrollers without a development board or activity board, but you’ll need some extras to do so.”
  • What are compilers and linkers?
  • Not entirely sure what capacitance is.
  • How does a sensor’s range change? Assume dependent on actual environmental information available, but I thought this was something detailed in the data sheet? Does it change between/within a set range of values?
  • This sentence just doesn’t make sense to me: “So two, for which you write “2” in base ten, would be “10” in base two, meaning one group of two and 0 ones.” Just converting from decimal to binary in general seems difficult to grasp.
  • When a byte rolls over (like in ex: 254 + 4 = 2), does it take up the next byte’s address, like a byte + 2? Or does it just revert to being only 2 of a byte?
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