PComp, Wk 8: Final Project Ideas

I can’t say that I have anything concrete in mind for a final project. No sketches or drawings to speak of and try as I might…I can’t picture what I want to do.

Part of it comes from a frustration at the growing presence of tech in our lives and not wanting to add to the noise. I am reminded, however, of the ***one reading we had*** that talked about moving away from designing objects to designing experiences.

Now, this is a realm I feel more comfortable in. But again, I wonder, what kind of experience do I want people to have?

Part of it is that the ideas that absorb my mind at the moment have a lot to do directly with the internet and technology. My past two ICM homeworks have been on the theme of visualizing different “unseen” aspects of the internet – from cloud computing, to the people who labor to bring us our online experiences.

How can we better visualize and play with the various forces that make up our current relationship to technology?

(Could it somehow be related to periscoping with people in these locations who might know people who perform this work?)

The predictive nature of technology is fascinating. With all of this “big data” and carefully written algorithms, apparently people can predict with startling accuracy how likely a person will end up in a hospital based on their internet search history. Prediction is a kind of occult practice, within the realm of palm readers and tarot card decks. This plays well with the metaphors of technology as magic (even Nancy says this is Hogwarts). There might be something fruitful in connecting this idea to the way that these jobs and actions are often associated with women, and the growing interest among young women in witch culture.

Honestly, just spit ballin.

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29. October 2015 by zoe.bachman.itp
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