ICM, Wk 10: Final Project Ideas

Interested in continuing to explore idea of labor in relation to new technology…but possibly something else as well.

Animated essay/story:

Write/find an essay on a subject and have it be formatted across multiple pages, with different interactions, animations, and easter eggs built-in to the pages and text.

Could involve expanding, cleaning up video project and data center API homework

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I could do this in relation to new technology labor practices and use some of the work mentioned above. Another possible topic I’ve been wanting to make work about connects ideas and realities of affect theory (emotional labor, often female), walmart (?), smiles, single mothers, and low wage labor.

Walmart Smiley


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Pottermore Logo


New cooperative interpretation of Uber mobile app
Uber Phone App

Re-design/re-conceptualize Uber as a cooperative structured company. Already thinking about labor, going to this reading, where I came across this quote:

As for the user’s experience, alternative, open-source platforms would have to rival the habit-creating seductiveness of Uber. Cute penguins are no longer sufficient. Every Uber has an Unter, and the interface of platform-coop apps could instruct users about fair labor standards and the failing social protections in the “sharing economy.” Such platforms could give a face to the cloud workers who are — for all practical purposes — anonymous, isolated, and tucked away between algorithms.

(my emphasis)

IDEA 3: [totally different]

Get every-day slot-machine poem generator up and running, fully functional.


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