Wearables, Week 2: Readings

Reading “Design For All-Life” reminded me of Rosi Braidotti’s text, The Post-Human. Moving away from human-centered thinking to considering our relationship with the rest of the world, but also acknowledging that the way we’ve often thought about the human as a white, western, able-bodied Male.

Thinking in terms of the post-human would not simply re-orient towards considering the larger biosphere but also consciously bring in oppressed and marginalized groups so often seen as subhuman/subaltern.

I find it interesting that both of the non-technical readings mentioned that humans have particular affinities, love even, for generalized categories – in “Design For All” it says for living things and in “Why The Human Body Will Be The Next Computer Interface” Fjord says humans are built to desire communion with the man-made world. Are we simply built to love everything to some extent? Or is it something to do with movement? or that the things we make are made in nature’s image and we give them life-like characteristics?

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08. February 2016 by zoe.bachman.itp
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