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Temp Expert, Wk 2: Readings on Design/Thoughts on Diversity

So, I just joined the class and catching up on all the readings. I was thrilled to see we had design related reading this week because I’ve wanted to get a solid foundation in design principles. I also couldn’t be … Continue reading

09. February 2016 by zoe.bachman.itp
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Wearables, Week 2: Readings

Reading “Design For All-Life” reminded me of Rosi Braidotti’s text, The Post-Human. Moving away from human-centered thinking to considering our relationship with the rest of the world, but also acknowledging that the way we’ve often thought about the human as … Continue reading

08. February 2016 by zoe.bachman.itp
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PComp, Wk 13: Semaphore Jacket – Design

Below are some of the sketches I’ve done of the Semaphore Jacket, including object/circuit design and sketches of the user experience. OBJECT DESIGN: Front of the jacket – with LED sleeve panels and snap switch. Silicone wire will travel from the … Continue reading

07. December 2015 by zoe.bachman.itp
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Pcomp, Wk 3: Blog Post – Interactive Technologies

I think…I think I’m still figuring out exactly what interactive technology is. Like Crawford says, it can exist along a spectrum. You initiate an action, an object responds, etc. So what, exactly, could qualify for this assignment? Honestly, the first … Continue reading

24. September 2015 by zoe.bachman.itp
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Vis Lang, Wk 1 Assignment: Design Analysis

While I was trying to think of what piece to analyze for my assignment this week, I happened to click on the Bitch Media website and…they’d re-designed it. Seems to be something a few of my favorite lady sites have … Continue reading

09. September 2015 by zoe.bachman.itp
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