Wearables: LaGuardia Studio Meeting // structure

Last week I had a consultation with the folks at NYU’s LaGuardia studio. I was interested in learning about 3D printing parts and whether they could print on fabric. Printing on fabric was a no (more in another post), but I did talk with two people about various options for the mechanics of my tent. They had a plethora of suggestions, some helpful but some mostly fantastical. I looked into the possibilities of creating my own carbon fiber molds and 3D printing joints.

While I now have exposure to some new resources, in the end I ordered a couple of tent poles after playing with ones that I borrowed. My thought is to cut them down to smaller size and order more joining pieces. They will living in a pocket in the interior and stick out through grommets on the bottom.

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18. April 2016 by zoe.bachman.itp
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