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What I seem to be struggling the most with is what the exterior of my garment will be like.

My original plan was to have this highly reflective surface, that doesn’t allow people in, that if they were to confront the viewer they would have their reflection turned on them.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to get both a flexible and quality reflection. I’ve played around with mylar, and recently bought some mirrored sequin fabric.

When I talk to other people about this project, it’s the exterior that’s most contentious. Most understand the interior aspects (thought I have gotten feedback in terms of breathability), but the concept associated with the exterior is not working.

Despina suggested going the more traditional camouflage route – because, highly reflective surfaces work as a sort of camouflage. So perhaps taking photos and getting fabric printed. Unfortunately, LaGuardia studios does not do fabric printing and most places deliver in four weeks. I also recently spoke with Tommy about Dazzle forms of camouflage, the use of strong geometric shapes to obscure position and distance.

Dazzle Camo

(It seems that no matter what direction I go in, Adam Harvey has already been there.)

The combination of these later ideas made me think of Arden Bendler Browning’s urban landscape paintings on Tyvec…but, more aesthetic rather than to a purpose, perhaps.

Arden Bendler Browning

ADDENDUM: Looking at the images above, its interesting to see how Dazzle takes a lot of inspiration from Modernist art aesthetics. What if this exterior referenced contemporary visuals, such as glitch? Glitch as something that’s so corrupted that it renders a file unreadable, inaccessible. Could a glitchified exterior make the wearer read as inaccessible as well?

glitch in black and white

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18. April 2016 by zoe.bachman.itp
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