Wearables: Exterior Update

So, my fabric that I ordered (grey, tech-ish, camo) isn’t getting here until Tuesday.

But as I thought more about my project, I realized that there’s something about using military grade camo that makes me…uncomfortable. It’s a reference that isn’t right for this piece. So I had the idea that of creating a composite image from different google street view screenshots – going for the grey still but getting that color from the layering of images.

Here’s one example:


So, what I’d like to do is get a fabric printed with images like this one. The trick now is to figure out the scaling – are these images tiny and tiled? Or are they bigger and more recognizable? Are there multiple (yes, probably)?

I found a couple a print your own fabric stores, online and in New York. First2Print does it in 10-15 days.

Edit: Here’s a pattern I made out of six different composites, each composite uses four Google Street View photos:


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24. April 2016 by zoe.bachman.itp
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