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After building out the full-size prototype last week, I drew up a new design that simplified the expansion process. Rather than have four separate panels, there is one front panel and a cape-like back/side panel. Instead of four separate triangles to create the floor, there would be one triangle-ish piece in the front that pieces in to a circular floor, like a piece of a pie. Also, there would be one giant back pole that arches over the wearer for a total of three tent pole structures instead of four. I took the front panel from the last prototype and then pinned it to a larger piece of fabric to look at draping.


I cut up small pieces of cardboard to try out different sizes for the poles, trying to keep a balance between having smaller pieces but not having too many pieces. Still need the structure to be easy to set up. After doing the calculations and testing different sizes, I’ve settled on having six 8″ poles, with 1″ connectors.

I also made small paper models to get a sense of the new and different shapes, considering how I could break up the different sections to give the piece flexibility in some areas and sturdiness in others. The piece will ultimately use three different fabrics on the exterior – a stretchy fabric that will be the majority of the back panel and a center panel in the front, a regular medium weight cotton for the front and head covering, and a nylon for the floor pieces and back “spinal” column.

IMG_5856 IMG_5864

Working with the paper was extremely difficult, especially because we were low on tape on the floor. But mostly I realized that I struggle A LOT with transforming 2D concepts and visuals into 3D objects. Perhaps this is why I’ve never been much of a sculptor or fabricator in the past. There’s something about the abstraction/transformation/shapes/angles/measurements that makes my mind spin. So I made several different paper pieces, realizing over time how long I had to make certain sides, how to curve certain parts rather than leave them straight, etc.




Once I got a decent idea of pattern, I used it to create small model out of muslin. Found some perfectly sized tiny acrylic pieces for use as tiny poles.


I’m still struggling with the shape/size of the back/side panels. But my next step is to scale up the pattern and using draping to figure out what the shape should be.

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24. April 2016 by zoe.bachman.itp
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