HSF: Assignment 3

This is a quick write up of some of my thoughts and research on Red Hook:

  1. Frame the why – as people, particularly urbanites, we’re becoming more distanced from our natural environment. But in reality it’s not that far away and with climate change no longer a future discussion but a present fact, how do we (re)conceive of our relationship to our environment? What does this mean for long-standing communities and neighborhood development? How can we imagine progress while mitigating our desires in order to keep ourselves safe?
    • Idea that the future is now – climate change is already devastating our communities
    • Example of resilience
    • How do we conceive of a future post-change?
    • How are they an example of civic/community engagement?
    • Generally – what lessons can we as people and citizens learn?


  1. Users – new york city residents // others


  1. Research (to understand) –
    • Red Hook  – Old SW Brooklyn neighborhood
    • Maritime/shipping history
    • Geographically isolated (no subway)
    • Largest public housing (check) in New York
    • 90s – history of violence (school principal shot)
    • Mostly flooded during Hurricane Sandy (2012)
    • Now – waves of trendiness, local personalities resistant to large development
    • Lots of community involvement  – Red Hook Initiative at helm
    • Simultaneously announced:
      1. Flood protection barriers (safest one would block access to water)
      2. ARCOS (sp?) large development potential with renderings (community is not down with this)


A couple of ideas that I’ve had:


Iteration 1:

Classic AR project of looking at spaces at different points in time

AR walking tour of redhook, mapped of areas past/present/future

Narration from local community members

Maybe documentary style of voice actors for historical figures?


Iteration 2:

Interactive website, a 3D map of redhook with a slider that shows redhook in three different times; multi-media, collection of photographs//videos


Iteration 3:

Narrative told by one person, most likely a child, in Red Hook. Recalling Sandy…thoughts about history and the future?

Narrating a 360 video? >> allow for the feeling of water rising


Iteration 4:

Place based installation, maybe different kind of AR? Activate by geo location? Tide Tone as part of this?

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